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Credit where credit is due!

Shortly after my TOMS post, my good friend in Kansas posted this ultra cute pic (we would be thinking about the same shoes at the same time…).  She is sporting the Cheetah TOMS wedge boots here and looking mighty adorable while doing so!  This same friend is the reason I even discovered these flawless beauties!  Thanks Meems!  It also helps that we live several states apart so we never have to worry about accidentally twinning.


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Wednesday, Wednesday, I love ya, Wednesday, you’re only 3 days awaaaaay!

Currently checking the tracking info daily for my next pair of TOMS wedges!  I have been rocking this pair of TOMS burgundy (even though I think they are more of a magenta but whatever you say, Tom) wedge boots and decided I had to have another pair (or 5!).  Cheetah print should be knocking on my door on Wednesday and I might have to track down the Herringbone print next.  Clearly the word has got out about these comfy cozy cuties because it’s hard to find specific prints.  I had to get my Cheetahs from e-bay.  Fingers crossed they are the real deal.


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