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Multipurpose Room Reveal

The past few months have been all about nesting for me.  It all started with our shed.  We knew we had to get our storage system under control in order to get the inside of our house organized.  The next step was to make my office more efficient.  I needed to keep a work space in the room as I work from home.  I also wanted to make room for my sewing machine so I would be more likely to use it.  And last, I needed to be able to fit our two dog crates in the room.  So it needed to be multipurpose but also a room that enticed me to work & craft.

I began searching online for inspiration before making any big moves.  Of course a pinterest board was created for the project to get my ideas together.  One of the ideas I came across that really stood out was the pegboard for my craft corner.  I thought it was super useful and I also loved the way it looked.  I found this particular pegboard and wanted to create almost the exact look.  I love her whole workspace really – especially that wallpaper!  However, the wallpaper wasn’t in the budget.  Those shelves though?  They were going to have to happen for me.  So now to try to replicate this dream workspace!



First on the agenda was the pegboard.  My husband did the majority of this project.  We measured the wall and went to Home Depot for the board.  They happened to have white pegboard which was great so we didn’t have to worry about painting it.  We then used a combo of directions from this site & this site to actually hang the pegboard.  Once the board was up, it was time to organize.  Home Depot sells packs of assorted pegboard hooks which are a necessity.  I also took several of the ideas from my original inspiration – the spool holder is from Hobby Lobby, the small buckets are from target, the fake plants are from IKEA, the shelf is a piece of painted wood from Home Depot that I had them cut, the baskets are from Hobby Lobby (I spray painted them black) and I found the clock on Amazon.com.

I already had the folding table and as much as I wanted a sleeker sewing table, I also wanted to utilize things I already had.  So instead I just spray painted the legs to spruce it up a bit ;)  I also just rotate my chair back and forth from my desk to my sewing table.  It works for now but I may get a second chair down the road.

Had to have some photos of my super crafty Grandmom on my pegboard.  She would have loved this!  I also loved the idea of fake plants and a clock from the inspiration pegboard and therefore had to copy.  It looks adorable AND I cannot easily reach up there so it would have just been unused space.

This cart is another IKEA find and is great for extra storage.



I love white desks as well as clear top desks but I already had this one and it’s perfect for the space.  This is actually my husband’s old desk from when he lived at home with his parents.  I did upgrade my desk chair which helped brighten up the desk area a bit.  The wine cork board above my desk is from our wedding.  My dad made the board and it was placed on an easel at the wedding to display the table assignments for dinner.


Then for those shelves I had to have – IKEA of course.  I also took her idea of the white boxes from Ikea and paper organizers.  I loved the look of her shelves so like her pegboard, I pretty much mimicked the shelves.  I even loved her color scheme throughout her workspace of gold, black & white but I found that I personally needed more color in my space.


The other “purpose” of this room was a dog crate space.  Dog crates are not the most attractive so I wanted to pretty up that corner any way I could.  I love a gallery wall and since there was so much wall space above the crates, I decided take it to the next level and create a corner gallery wall.  I chose to stick to gold, black & white on the gallery wall.  Some of the frames were ugly and outdated but easy to repurpose with some spray paint.  I used a random assortment of things to fill the frames including magazine ads, fabric, and gold foil prints.




I was in search for the perfect black & white curtains but after being curtain-less longer than desired, I finally settled on these green curtains.  My husband actually suggested them and I think they work great.  I had fallen in love with so many clean white office spaces online so I had the room painted a shade of white.  Sadly, I immediately regretted it.  I have since realized I’m a color gal.  Thankfully, adding pops of color throughout and especially the green curtains really helped to overcome all of the white paint.

I still cannot decide if I will get a new rug for the space or not.  It’s one of those things that I just want to come across one day.  It’s never a good idea to rush a rug purchase!

All in all, I am very pleased with my workspace/craft room/dog crate area.  I believe it’s important to have a space that evokes creativity and effectiveness.  So far this space is doing both of those things for me!  And I think the dogs enjoy it too ;)

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