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Master Suite Reveal

When we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 we had to make a decision to either move or make room.  We chose “make room….and then move shortly after” :-/

Although we have already sold our home and moved on to the next project, I wanted to do a quick reveal of the master suite addition that we added on less than a year before we sold.

We took a pre-existing bedroom and added on another 300 or so sq ft to give us a true master suite with walk-in closet and attached laundry room.  The bathroom was still a small space but with a little creativity, we were able to squeeze in a double vanity, roomy shower and a large freestanding tub.

I really wanted to bring the retro look to life by giving it a modern vibe.  Lots of black & white, hexagons and dark grey grout.  I had such a blast picking out every single tile and fixture for the space.

I found a photo on Pinterest that inspired the shelf over the tub.  In the photo I saw online it looked like a protruding window but that would have been rather costly to do.  My contractor thought of the shelf idea and I was immediately sold.  So easy and such a cool place to keep plants and pretty bath stuff :)

The laundry room attached the bedroom was life changing!  When we first bought this house the laundry was in the kitchen.  We then added a room off the kitchen that we made into a “laundry/mud room” but it was still pretty tight.  The units had to be stacked and it was a pain to get from the bedrooms to the laundry.  Moving the laundry in here was not only so much more convenient but we were able to make the mud room a great storage room with a handy mini fridge!

Previous to this addition, our bedroom was upstairs and I had the whole closet to myself as it wasn’t very big.  My husband was then shunned to the hallway closet and part of our child’s closet.  So yea, this was epic…

We actually had planned to go bigger with this space but in an effort to get back to our budget we shaved off some sq ft.  I’m so glad we did because the room was still HUGE.

My husband & I bought this barn door unfinished and stained it to this beautiful dark walnut color.  It’s tied with the tub for the statement piece of the addition.

Stay tuned for A LOT more renovation posts as our new house needs plenty!

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