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Little People Food

Lately I have been cooking up a storm for the (almost 10 month old) little guy.  Sometimes he eats better than my husband & I.  Seriously.  I really enjoy seeing him try new foods for the first time.  It’s especially fun since he likes pretty much everything.  A little mini foodie, if you will ;)

My good friend has a babe a few months older than Luke and she turned me on to a pumpkin seed & spinach pesto that we love on elbow noodles.  Yes, “we” love.  There are nights I end up just eating his food along with him.  Not only is it tasty but I have no energy left for making my own meal.  She also told me about a salmon cake recipe that Luke really enjoys.


Salmon Rice Cakes

I also recently did a spin on these meatballs.  I used ground turkey instead of chicken, accidentally forgot to add the applesauce, and threw in some parmesan.  And I found them to be delicious!  The recipe makes a ton so I freeze them and just pop one in the microwave to heat up for a meal (I do this for pretty much all the things I make except the pasta dishes).  I can’t wait to experiment with all kinds of different ingredients in my future meatballs!


I made pumpkin apple pancakes as a sweet treat for the mornings.  I used just a dash of sugar instead of a tablespoon and I sautéed chopped apples in just a tiny bit of butter with cinnamon to get them real soft before adding to the pancake mixture.


And lastly in my freezer rotation are these broccoli & cheese frittata fingers.  I happened to have some broccoli & zucchini I needed to use up when I came across this recipe and it was also super easy to make.  I even threw in some green onion that was going to go to waste if I didn’t use it soon.

We have tried some fun pasta dishes that are loosely based on recipes I have come across online.  Some of his favorites included elbow noodles with meyer lemon, ricotta cheese, peas & a dash of garlic powder as well as pastina with cream cheese & grated zucchini.

And some of Luke’s favorite snacks or “side dishes” include peas & carrots, crackers, avocado, brown rice, shredded cheese, o’s, banana, apple & pouches (especially great for on-the-go!).


This little man not only enjoys eating but he’s a fan of the grocery store and dining out.  Hope he stays this way!!

I am always adding more fun little people food to my pinterest board :)

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