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These are a few of my favorite things

I had already been thinking about doing some sort of “favorite product” post and then a blogger I follow did one yesterday and her post really motivated me to get going on it.  Check out her February Finds here!  So without further ado…

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Let’s break this assortment down…

Face: Clarisonic Mia, Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse, Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant

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If you don’t know about the Clarisonic, let me introduce you.  I really don’t know how I felt good about washing my face B.C. (before Clarisonic).  It really has changed my life.  I have the Mia but several people I know have the Mia 2.  I think the main difference is that the Mia 2 beeps when you should change the section of the face that you are cleansing.  I bought Oil of Olay’s version a long time ago and it’s just not the same so don’t take the cheap route in effort to save money.  Disclaimer: I do in fact love the Oil of Olay brand for many other things.  It’s my go-to for moisturizer.  But when it comes to this, save that money and keep on saving until you are ready to buy the Clarisonic.  You won’t be disappointed.  Your skin will see and feel the results pretty quickly and the products you apply after cleansing will absorb better than hand washing your face.  I hope to acquire their new Pedi Sonic in the near future too.  It’s basically a “need” at this point.

On a product level, I’ve been real into Dermalogica lately.  Not only am I currently using their cleansing gel (not pictured.  It’s good and all but I don’t go gaga for it or anything) but the pre-cleanse & heated exfoliant are really some of my favorites right now.  A good friend told me about the pre-cleanse and I really feel it’s another vital step in my face cleansing process.  I really only use it if I have make-up on before washing my face.  Sometimes I don’t feel like I truly get every bit of make-up/dirt off from a face wash so this extra step makes me feel better about that.  A little goes a long way too so don’t let the price scare you too much.

The multivitamin thermafoliant was much more of a splurge for me.  After my esthetician kept encouraging me to exfoliate more, I decided it was time to invest in an exfoliant I could really get into.  My esthetician recommended this product and I have trusted her for awhile now so I took her advice and bit the bullet.   I wanted a less intense exfoliant and this one is perfect.  It’s not super harsh when used on a wet face but you also have the option to apply directly to dry skin for a more intense exfoliation.  The slight warming is supposedly giving you even more benefits too.  Hey, I fell for it!  I try to use twice a week but need to get more consistent.  I haven’t had it for a long time so not sure exactly how long this $52 product lasts and that could determine whether or not I still love it in a couple weeks.

Hair: Regency Tangle-Free Magic Brush, Goody Quik Style Hairbrush, Kendi Bamboo Oil, BB Straight Blow Dry, BB Styling Lotion, Aveda Air Control Hair Spray

I’m a sucker for some new hair products.  Constantly trying new things.  I also have super thick hair and until recently, it was almost all the way down my back.  It’s still somewhat long so taming it still takes an army of tools and products.  As far as hair brushes, I am just now discovering exactly how many different types of brushes there are and realizing how many one thick-haired girl like myself should have on hand.  I actually got the Regency Tangle-Free brush from my mother-in-law for Christmas.  I wasn’t sure what it was all about but it turns out it’s just a great wet/dry brush for eliminating tangle issues.  I feel I use a decent amount of conditioner so my after-shower brushing has never been too terrible anyway but I seem to lose a lot less hair with this brush.  So that right there is enough of a reason to love it.  If you happen to tangle pretty easily, this brush comes highly recommended via my sister-in-law (also got this gift) and online reviews.  In fact, I also found this review from one of my favorite ladies in the celeb world lately when I googled to see where to buy.

Moving along, the other brush really gets me amped.  I actually came in contact with this brush long before it was available to the public.  I got called to do one of those surveys where you test out a product at home for a week or so and then write reviews and end up getting paid a hundred bucks or something.  Much better than the ones where you have to go in and sip crappy arbor mist wine for 2 hours…that’s a story for another day.  Anyway, I fell in LOVE with this brush during my test period.  I almost wanted to forgo the payment and just keep the brush.  But on the other hand, they needed to read my reviews in hopes that it might help make this brush actually exist in the world.  Well, time went on and I slowly forgot about my less than 30 minute hair drying experiences…until one day….like a beam of light from the heavens above there she shined in the hair brush aisle….the Goody Quik Style Hair Brush…*sound the angels “aahhhhhhhh”*.  It was one of my finer drug store moments.  Basically this brush has these little microfiber absorbent bristles mixed in with your typical paddle brush bristles and it makes for a much faster drying experience.  This product might only be so ground-breaking for those with thicker, harder to dry hair…can’t speak for other types.  All I know is I find it in-cred-i-ble!

It doesn’t take much to convince me to try a new hair product.  In fact, I am typically the one convincing myself to buy said new products.  I am such a believer in hair getting bored with the same old products and therefore need to switch things up regularly.  I think I might have found the Kendi Oil on Pinterest or maybe a google search of “best hair oil ever”.  I’m really not too sure.  I’ve had it for awhile and I’m just now about to run out.  I don’t use it daily but maybe about 3 days a week on average.  It’s the best oil I have ever used and I have tried quite a few.  It’s not greasy at all but I also am careful to only use a few drops.  Again, with my thick hair it takes a lot to get greasy anyway.  It’s also great to use on dry hair as a mask before getting in the shower.  Highly recommend!

Next on the list is the BB Straight Blow Dry.   Just apply to wet hair and it helps hair lose natural wave making straight hair more feasible.  Again, only applicable if you suffer from not-so-attractive naturally wavy hair like myself.  I can honestly put less effort into styling as I blow dry when I use this stuff.  And I don’t even need to use the straightener after the dry.  Not bad!

The next BB product I’ve digging is the styling lotion.  It’s actually a spray that is great to use on wet hair before drying or dry hair before styling….or both.  Honestly, I’m not sure how much of an effect it has but it’s one of those things I just feel good about using.

Lastly is my go-to hairspray.  I really only use hairspray when I’ve curled my hair but I find the Aveda Air Control has the perfect mixture of hold and flexibility.  Plus, I’ve always been a fan of the Aveda scent, so there’s that.

Body (and a million other things): Coconut Oil

photo 3(7)

If you don’t know about Coconut Oil at this point – wake up!  It’s like the new apple cider vinegar.  One of those things that does just about everything.  Lately I’ve mainly been using it as a body scrub.  I mix it with sugar until it has a good consistency for exfoliating and keep it in a plastic container in my shower.  I have those annoying bumps on my arms and this helps reduce that wretched issue.  It’s also great to just use all over to shed dead cells and all that jazz.  Here are a million (actually 101) other reasons you need to keep coconut oil on hand.

In my bag: Stella & Dot Pouf

photo 2(3)

This little guy is more handy than I thought when I originally purchased under the influence at a stella & dot trunk show.  It’s super roomy and just great to keep all things confined to one spot in my purse as opposed to thrown all over in different compartments.  I love my elephant print but they seem to keep making cuter prints for it.  If I had to purchase another one, I would be super into this print.  Although I’ve been aware of Stella & Dot for a few years now, it wasn’t until recently that I really got into the brand.  It probably has something to do with my best friend being a stylist for them.  Just be prepared to see a lot more where this pouf came from!

Around the house: Capri Blue Jar Candle

photo 2(4)

I love Anthropologie.  Who doesn’t really?  But I never knew how amazing these candles were until a friend told me about them.  She told me how they make great gifts and I ran with it.  I ended up getting a couple for friends for the holidays but was regretting the decision to not treat myself in the process.  Well luckily another friend of mine happened to get me this exact candle!  I think I actually got the Volcano scent for my gifts but my friend gave me this Aloha Orchid scent and I’M IN LOVE.  She said thought of me when she saw it because we actually were in Hawaii together for a trip a few years ago.  So it’s even got a little sentimental meaning for me (awww).  It’s one of those candles that you can smell when the lid is off and it’s not even lit.  It has lasted me quite awhile too.  Nothing to say but good things so go ahead and treat yourself!

Keeping me sane: Refreshing Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit, Fun Flavored Gum

photo 4 (7)

I typically just buy whatever chap stick because I can no longer find mine and I’m on the verge of dying from chapped lips (because that’s a possibility and all).  Well I just randomly grabbed this pink grapefruit flavor on one of my drug store runs and probably didn’t even realize it was flavored.  What a lovely surprise!  It’s not only pleasing for me but I’ve even had people notice the smell who are standing at least 2 feet or more away.  It unchaps the lips and tastes/smells divine.  Sold.

Oh and the gum that a typical five year old would be into?  Well this all stemmed from a friend of mine that I tend to bum gum from often.  She never has your typical mint flavors but instead an assortment of fun food flavors…you know like mint chocolate chip and sour patch kids?  I thought it was rather amusing at first but would still graciously chew said crazy flavor.  It wasn’t until the other day in the target line that I went for that pack of watermelon gum…and even a pack of sour patch kid flavor (because I’ve already bummed a piece from my friend and got pretty into it).  I’ve realized that these flavors are more than just fun for me.  They are life savers.  As I am currently involved in a “biggest loser weight loss challenge”, I find these delicious gums cure my sweet tooth when I can no longer go for a piece of chocolate or really anything sinful.  So funky flavored gum has been doing the trick…for now.

Would love to hear from anyone else who has a loving relationship with any of the above mentioned products.  Or if you have had a bad experience, feel free to share too!  Watermelon gum caught in your hair doesn’t count.

Hope to have more of these posts in the future as I’m constantly trying new things.  #productaddict



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