Big Fat Loser (Hopefully)

My husband & I entered a weight loss challenge recently and I feel like I need to just publicly put it out there.  I am missing that whole accountability part so maybe this will help?  Ultimately I am looking to lose 20-25 lbs and cut my body fat percentage in half.

The initial weigh-in was around 3 weeks ago and the final weigh-in is March 22nd.  Weekly weigh-ins are encouraged for us to do on our own.

This whole biggest loser challenge is tied in with a bootcamp program I have been involved in recently (one that I did a few years ago and really enjoyed).  In order to lose the weight I am trying to get 3 bootcamp sessions in a week along with at least one other workout.  I also took on a challenge this week of doing 150 push-ups.  NOT on my knees.  The real deal push-ups…the ones I couldn’t do even one of a month ago.  I started on Monday and need to finish by Sunday (I was lazy and didn’t start on Saturday like I should have).  Only 110 to go!  I really hope we have to do like 40 or so in bootcamp today so I can (possibly) reach my goal.  It’s much easier to push myself when someone is telling me to.

The other huge change I am working on is my eating & drinking habits.  I have no problem being healthy for breakfast, lunch & dinner but when it’s time to veg on the couch, the sweet/salt tooth kicks in.  It helps to not keep anything snackable in the house but then I just get maaaaad.  I know this phase will pass.  It just takes time.  I am also logging everything in my weight watchers app – another weight loss plan that has worked for me in the past when done correctly.  My daily glass or 3 of wine has to end too.  I’ve been able to cut back to either a super small glass with dinner or none at all…during the week, that is.  Weekends are my weakness.

If you are looking to make a change, I encourage a weekly challenge of some sort.  I hope to finish my 150 push-ups by Sunday and do it again next week.  I also plan on adding a second challenge.  I like the idea of getting an app to track it too.  Maybe this squat challenge will be my next one?

Thanks for listening!  Feel free to share any of your super secret weight-loss tricks!



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2 thoughts on “Big Fat Loser (Hopefully)

  1. Leah says:

    I can’t even handle this right now. Todd decided we should do this detox after our PA trip to help out our liver…so I’m googling reviews on it (after I’ve started, of course). At the bottom, I see the pic of Kyle and the lion, and then I see Ash. Are you kidding me right now? Of all the blogs in the world, I start reading yours.

    lil boo

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